Kelly and Richard

...are getting hitched, and their families would like to invite you to the celebrations

Saturday, 3rd September 2016
Ceremony at 2:00PM St John's Church, Higher Walton then on to Cherry Orchard Farm, Oakmere for fun + food + music + fancy footwork = PARTY

The plan for the day

Before the Ceremony

The Walton Arms pub is a couple of minutes walk from the church.  Richard and the Best Men will be getting a bit of Dutch courage from 12.45-1pm before wandering to the church at around 1.40pm…Anyone is more than welcome to join them there.

The Ceremony (2:00pm)

Kelly will be arriving at the church just before 2pm.  We don’t have exact timings at the moment, but we expect the ceremony to be finished by 3pm.

The Wedding Reception (3.30pm)

Cherry Orchard Farm, the venue for the reception, is 12-14 miles from the church in rural Cheshire (depending which route you take) in an area called Oakmere (for the locals, it’s not far from Delamere Forest).  People should be arriving at the venue from 3.30pm.  The band/DJ will finish and last orders will be at midnight, but the venue will be hosting until 1am if people want to chill out and catch-up with each other for longer.  Coaches will arrive shortly after midnight to take guests from the venue to Chester City Centre whenever they get full, between 12-12.30am.


The Church

St. John the Evangelist Church is located on Old Chester Road, Higher Walton, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 6TF

Link to Google Map: St John’s Church

Parking: It is street parking outside the church.  There should be no problem with finding a space because people regularly park along the full length of the street.

The Wedding Reception

The party (a.k.a The Wedding Reception) is going to be held at Cherry Orchard Farm, Abbey Lane, Oakmere, Cheshire, CW8 2HN

Link to Google Map: Cherry Orchard Lake

Parking:  There is a large car park and overflow area at the farm with enough room for everyone who is driving.  Cars can be left overnight.  The car park will be locked when the party finishes and re-opened at 0800 the next morning.


We appreciate that it’s 12-14 miles from the church to the wedding reception, but we picked a location which we thought would be good for out-of-towners who can stay in Chester and will also be easy for friends and family from the Warrington area to get home.  We hope everyone will be able to make there own way to the church and on to the wedding reception at Oakmere after the ceremony, but if you are having any problems then please send us an email or give us a call.

Coach to Chester after the party: We are organising a coach to take people to Chester city centre when the festivities wrap up (last order at the bar and DJ finishes at midnight).  Coaches will arrive shortly after midnight and will head to Chester whenever they are full or between 12-12.30am.  There are plenty of seats so if you didn’t indicate it on your RSVP, don’t worry, just jump on…it’s fine..

Taxis:  There are a lot of taxi firms, both in Warrington and in Chester, as well as a few in the villages near to the reception venue.  We’ve listed a few here.  We encourage you to book taxis well in advance and if we can do anything to hook up people for sharing, then of course we will.

Taxis based in Warrington 
ABBA Cars                     01925 444444
Direct Taxis                      01925 244244
242 Cars                          01925 242242

Taxis based in Chester
Chester Taxi Services       01244 421024
Abbey Taxis                     01244 318318
King Kabs                        01244 343434

Taxis based near the wedding reception
Beanies Taxi Service        01829 751861
A1 Luxury Travel            01606 75500
Tarvin Cars                      07890 454207

Map of Church, Reception Venue and Chester

Places to stay

The venue for the reception is located approximately 13 miles from the church in Higher Walton and approximately 11 miles from Chester.  For guests who don’t live in the North West, we would encourage you to stay near or in Chester because there are more hotels and more things to explore aside from the wedding.
We haven’t made any special arrangements for people to stay in a particular hotel.  You’ll all be able to research plenty of hotels online, but we’ve compiled a few here which cover a range of prices and star-ratings.  We hope this is helpful.:
Hotel                                    Rating                                        Address                                                                               Phone                     
Nunsmere Hall Hotel                 4*                    Tarporley Rd, Oakmere, Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 2ES                         01606 889100
(12 miles from church, 3 miles from reception)
The Royal Oak                             3*                    Chester Road, Kelsall, Tarporley, Cheshire West, CW6 0RR                   01829 751 208
(15 miles from church, 4.3  miles from reception)
Premier Inn Stretton                  3*                    Tarporley Road, Stretton , Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 4NB                     0871 527 9134
(3 miles from church, 11 miles from reception)
Premier Inn Northwich              3*                    520 Chester Road, Sandiway, Northwich, CW8 2DN                                   0871 527 8830
(11 miles from church, 3 miles from reception)
Willington Hall Hotel                 3*                    Willington Road, Willington, Tarporley, Cheshire, CW6 0NB                     01829 752321
(16.5 miles from church, 4 miles from reception)
Premier Inn Chester                  3*                    20-24 City Rd, Chester, CH1 3AE                                                                 0871 527 8234
(10.5 miles from church, 19.5miles from reception)
Chester Grosvenor Hotel           5*                    Eastgate St, Chester, CH1 1LT                                                                     01244 324024
(19.5 miles from church, 11 miles from recepton)
Chester Abbots Well Hotel        4*                    Whitchurch Road, Christleton, Chester, CH3 5QL                                  0844 815 9001
(19 miles from church, 10 miles from reception)
DoubleTree Chester                  4*                    Warrington Road, Chester, CH2 3PD,                                                  01244 408800
(17.5 miles from church, 10 miles from venue)
The Dene Hotel                         2*                    95 Hoole Road, Chester, CH2 3ND                                                     01244 321165
(18 miles from church, 10 miles from reception)
Best Western Queen Hotel        4*                    City Road, Chester, CH1 3AH                                                             0844 387 6225
(19 miles from church, 10.5 miles from reception)
Travelodge Hotel                      2*                     Little St John St, Chester, Cheshire CH1 1DD                                     0871 984 6363
(19 miles from church, 10.5 miles from reception)
Travelodge Hotel                      No frills             Warrington Road, Mickle Trafford, Chester, Cheshire, CH2 4EX             0871 559 1814
(17 miles from church, 10 miles from reception)
Village Hotel                             3*                     110 Centre Park Square, Warrington, Cheshire, WA1 1QA                     01925 37754
(2 miles form church, 14.5 miles from reception)
Victoria Lodge B&B                  2*                     Victoria Road, Stockton Heath, Warrington, Cheshire, WA4 2AL            01925 263060
(1.5 miles from church, 13 miles from reception)

Photos and Vids - Please upload

Of course we have hired a professional photographer for the day. His name is Barry…I am sure you’ll meet him…Don’t forget to smile!

However, in today’s digital age we have a few more things going on:

  • We’re using the WedPics app for our wedding and would love it if you could use it. You will be able to upload you photos and 30 second video clips directly from your smart phone, as well as view and share photos that other people have uplodad…So please upload as much as you can.
  • We’ve also got a number of handheld HD camcorders doing the rounds throughout the day…We hope you’ll share yourselves with us and have a great time doing it. We’ll be using the footage to compile our official wedding video!…I know. a scary thought!

We hope there are no restrictions at the church so please share as much as you possibly can, and we’ll make sure there is information available on the day, but if you want to download the app beforehand and perhaps share some photos from memory lane, here’s the link.

Once you’ve downloaded the “WedPics” app for Android or Apple phones, and find our wedding with the code: “KelRich2016”.  Or click on the image below.


The Ten Bestmen

  • What can I say about Chris?...He punched above his weight when he met Sandra.  We have known each other since Trent Poly, lived together on our year out (my mum ironed his shirts for him).  Ask him about the time we took the direct route home from the local night club!

  • Andrew is my brother-in-law, a master brewer and all-round good guy. Ask him about the time he called my dad in the early hours of the morning because he had fallen asleep on the train and found himself at the end of the line, slightly worse for wear.

  • Dave is the epitome of sophistication and reliability. Too many funny stories to mention here, but I am sure he will rattle them off once you buy him drink. Ask him about the time he mentioned a carnal act to the US Ambassador..

  • Gav and I met in San Francisco and shared a flat for a while there.  Some great times ski-ing, sailing and surviving the occasional triathlon. Ask him to do his Tommy Cooper joke!

  • Just ask him about "Stumpy" and he'll tell you the story. Another Trent Poly alumni, but Guy and I had a particularly fond chapter together when we both worked in Hong Kong at the same time. Couldn't avoid trouble!

  • Jonathon was drinking champagne and had a playboy den of iniquity as a student in Bristol when the rest of us were paying £17 a week for student digs in Nottingham. I've known Jon since we were at primary school. Ask him about the time he drove his mum's car into the long-jump pit at sixth form college or an unfortunate accident with a rounders pole!

  • Fin, the 'old man' of the house (he was 21 when the rest of us had just turned 18!) when we lived together in Nottingham...bringing wisdom and his party piece of drinking a pint in couple of seconds (I don't think he can do it anymore, but you can always ask him to try!).

  • Although we both went to Trent Poly, I really got to know Steve and his tendencies to carry a clipboard in order to keep everyone organised (Mr Clippy) when we lived together in sunny Warrington.  He loves telling the story about my dad and the exploding toilet!

  • Pete and I met at rowing club ('big Pete' fancied himself as the next Steve Redgrave, but had difficulty sticking to the no alcohol regime).  Now a semi-professional photographer with a penchant for 80's shirts.  A gentle giant, if ever there was one.

  • You can always count on Scott for a reality check and a laugh when life throws a curve ball.  A wannabe boy band member, internet entrepreneur, bull fighter, DJ, the list goes on! I've known Scott since he was a teenager...Ask him about the time he thought I was dating Baby Spice!

Page Boys

  • Monty has stolen our hearts since he came into the world and joined our family a couple of years ago.  Now he's causing mischief at every turn.

  • Little Alfie, Kelly's Grandson, loves Super Heroes (especially Spiderman)...Talk to him about your super powers and you're on to a winner.


  • India is Richard's niece, capturing the best of his sister, Caroline, and brother-in-law, Andrew in one super young lady.  When you meet her at the wedding, ask her about her hockey, dancing or horse riding and you'll be her NBF.

  • Kelly's new grand daughter will be a little flower girl by the time the wedding comes around.  I'm sure she'll be stealing the show.


Thanks for visiting this section of our wedding website.  We are not having a traditional wedding list, your company is all we request.

RSVP (Closed/Removed)

We’ve taken the RSVP form off the website so if you need to update anything (e.g. numbers, child portions, etc) please call us by phone or use the ’email us’ page on the website. Thanks.

Other Useful Info

For guests bringing young kids
Children are very welcome, but we wanted to let you know that there is a lake at the reception venue and we want everyone to be safe while they have fun.  We have hired a nanny to look after Monty for a few hours for us during the reception.  I am sure you have your own ways of keeping kids entertained and will be looking after their safety, but as an FYI, we found our nanny via local event nanny service called Honey Bee Creches ( just in case this information is useful for you.



Email us

We have tried to put all the info on this website which makes it easy for you to join us on our big day, but if you have any questions or ideas, please call us or send us an email.  We hope you have already got our email addresses, but feel free to use this form if it’s easier and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  Cheers!

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